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Path Machining & Automation specializes in delivering precision machining solutions tailored to a wide range of industries.

Our team not only understands the specific requirements of your sector but excels in adapting to them, ensuring that every project, regardless of the scale or complexity, is handled with precision and care.

With our track record of meeting tight deadlines and maintaining consistent quality, you can trust us to be a reliable partner for all your machining and automation needs.

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Specialized Solutions for Every Sector


In the automation field, we specialize in crafting custom, high-precision components essential in operating sophisticated systems, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.


We specialize in fabricating components that cater to the electronics industry’s demands for miniaturization and complex functionalities, delivering parts with exact tolerances and exceptional quality that power the operation of modern devices.


Our focus remains on manufacturing durable, high-quality components essential for a range of applications, using state-of-the-art machining techniques to ensure optimal performance and durability in every product.


Specializing in the meticulous fabrication of components for medical devices, we ensure each part meets stringent regulatory standards and contributes to the reliability and functionality essential in healthcare technology.


Comprehensive machining solutions for large-scale industrial applications, from heavy machinery components to specialized production equipment; we ensure each part meets the highest standards of strength, durability, and performance.


Catering to this dynamic sector, we produce components designed for seamless integration and functionality, ensuring complex machines performs efficiently and reliably in any environment.


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How Precision Machining Drives Innovation in Robotics and Automation

Precision machining is the unsung hero behind the rapid advancements in automation and robotics. This specialized area of precision engineering is crucial for developing components with the tight tolerances and high-quality finishes essential for advanced manufacturing. The intricate relationship between precision machining and the innovation in automated systems and robotic…
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