Path Machining & Automation: Pioneering a New Era in Precision Engineering

We are excited to introduce Path Machining & Automation, the new name in precision engineering, formed from the partnership of Integrity Engineering and Manufacturing, 401 Manufacturing, and Custom Tuning. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in our combined history, creating a company that leverages the strengths and expertise of all three businesses.

Coinciding with this exciting development is the launch of our new website, designed to be a comprehensive portal for our clients to explore our enhanced range of services, understand our capabilities, and connect with us quickly.

Path Machining & Automation represents the culmination of all three organizations’ expertise, technology, and customer-centric values. Our collaboration is a fusion of businesses and a unification of visions to deliver unparalleled precision machining solutions across various industries. We invite you to join us in this new chapter as we continue to drive innovation, quality, and repeatability in every aspect of our work.

Unveiling Path Machining & Automation

Path Machining & Automation emerges as a powerhouse in precision engineering, combining the strengths of Integrity Tool Engineering and Manufacturing, 401 Manufacturing, and Custom Tuning. This partnership has expanded our capabilities, offering an extensive suite of services, including advanced CNC machining, precise wire EDM, specialized small-hole pop techniques, Swiss Screw machining, expert grinding services, and more.

Our collaboration goes beyond combining services; it sets a new benchmark in machining excellence. We’ve enhanced our processes, integrated cutting-edge technologies, and expanded our capacity to meet diverse project demands. We aim to deliver precise solutions and customized responses to each unique challenge.

Dedicated to innovation and quality, Path Machining & Automation is poised to help our clients achieve their goals with efficiency and unparalleled expertise.

Exploring the New Website

In line with our commitment to innovation and customer service, we are excited to introduce the new Path Machining & Automation website. This digital platform is designed to provide an intuitive, informative, and interactive experience for our clients and partners.

Our website showcases a detailed overview of our expanded service offerings, giving you insight into the breadth and depth of our capabilities. From detailed descriptions of services to industry insights, the website is a comprehensive resource for understanding what Path Machining & Automation can do for your business.

Whether you’re looking to explore our services in detail, learn more about our company’s history and values, or simply get in touch with our team, the website is structured to easily guide you to the information you need.

Looking Toward the New Path Forward

As Path Machining & Automation embarks on this new journey, we are excited about what the future will bring. We remain focused on innovating and elevating the standards of precision machining and are committed to meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations with every project.

This new partnership signifies more than growth; it’s a pledge to our customers for unwavering quality and service. We invite you to join us in this exciting chapter as we continue to deliver excellence and forge new paths forward in precision engineering.

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