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Where precision machining meets personalized service.

People are at the heart of everything we do.

From our dedicated and hardworking team to the customers who rely on us to develop innovative CNC machining solutions for complex problems, we’re in the business of building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional results.

This unwavering commitment to both people and precision defines our approach, setting us apart in an industry often dominated by numbers, not names. We take pride in every project and every component, ensuring our work speaks to our dedication and the trust our clients place in us.








Our foundation is built on valuing relationships over transactions, consistently tackling whatever CNC machining challenges our customers face head-on. Our drive is fueled by a desire to address complex problems, guarantee swift deliveries, and nurture lasting collaborations. Our promise is to always stand beside our customers, and to hold ourselves accountable for the safety of our teammates and the quality of our work.

Driving Innovation, Delivering Excellence

At Path Machining & Automation, we define our future by the value we provide today. Our unique capabilities set us apart, making us a preferred partner for precise machining solutions. Every innovation and every solution underscores our distinctive approach to meeting the challenges of our industry.

Hollow pipes with a visible dark inside that are cut cleanly at the ends, created by precision manufacturing.

Precision Mastery

Path Machining & Automation has mastered the art of utilizing wire EDM capabilities. While many shops might shy away, we embrace the challenge of smaller wire work, ensuring our customers have solutions to problems others can’t solve.

Rapid Solutions, Reliable Results

Speed and precision aren’t mutually exclusive at Path. We pride ourselves on rapid prototyping and fast fulfillment, especially for those critical small-volume orders. It’s our commitment to ensure your projects stay on track without compromising quality.

Exacting Quality Control

With our ISO 9001:2015 quality control processes, we ensure every part meets stringent standards: no shortcuts, no compromises, just high-quality components tailored to your unique needs.

Our Team, Your Success

As you grow, so do we. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your success, equipped with automation to drive high production and a genuine commitment to provide custom support for your projects.

Our Shop

Spanning 45,000 square feet, our new state-of-the-art machine shop is outfitted with the latest CNC machining technology, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project. By operating multiple shifts, we maintain steady efficiency, keeping your project on a seamless track from start to finish.

Our CNC machining departments excel in complex multi-axis operations. We work with a wide array of materials, adapting to whatever your project requires. In addition to our machining services, we offer comprehensive engineering solutions for small precision assemblies and fixtures.

We continuously update our equipment, network technology, and software, ensuring that our productivity is maximized and your projects are completed to the highest standard at a competitive rate.

Our Story

Built on the foundation of three great companies, our journey began in 1998 with a singular belief: that the true measure of success lies not just in the parts we create but in the lasting relationships we develop.

Over the years, our passion and dedication attracted like-minded companies such as Integrity Tool & Engineering, Custom Turning, Inc. and 401 Manufacturing. This led to creation of Path Machining & Automation, a new business that combines the best of all companies into one. Today, our legacy is cemented in the trust and collaborations we’ve built working with customers in diverse industries, continually pushing the boundaries of precision and innovation.


Integrity Founded by Greg Johnson

Under Greg Johnson, Integrity Builds a Strong Reputation Focused on Extremely Difficult High Tolerance Component Manufacturing

Integrity Engineering Holdings, Inc. is Established as the Investment Parent in Preparation for Rapid Growth, through both Organic and M&A Activities

Integrity Engineering Holdings, Inc. Acquires Custom Turning, Inc.

Integrity Eng. Holdings, Inc. Acquires Machine Division of Local Company

Integrity and Custom Turning Move to Brand New Location

Integrity Partners with 401 Manufacturing

Rebrand as Path Machining + Automation

Our Team

At the heart of Path Machining & Automation is a collection of individuals driven by more than just their expertise in precision machining. Our team embodies a combination of passion, dedication, and Midwestern values. We believe in taking care of our own, ensuring that their growth and well-being translate to the unparalleled service our customers have come to expect.